Best Android Hacking Tips And Tricks Of 2019

Some of these Android hacking tricks & tips can come in handy for your personal safety as well.

Over last few years, Android has remained at the top position in the field of mobile applications and has defeated iOS several times in the race of the best mobile operating system (OS). One of the key factors behind Android’s escalating success is the highly customizable flexibility offered by its open source. It opens Android to a nearly endless range of apps created by tens of thousands of the world’s best developers which simply delivers an added layer of icing to the cake.

It also indicates that there are more Android smartphone users than iPhone users worldwide, and there are many users who are not aware of some of the most common Android hacks and tricks. Our main aim here is to help you discover the hidden tricks that you can perform on your Android mobile devices which can further make your tasks more time-efficient and straightforward.

Top 30+ Hacking Tips And Tricks For Android

These best hacking tips and tricks for Android will help you in unlocking the real potential of your Android smartphone to the fullest. Here’s a brief summary of the points that we will be discussing in this article:

1. How To Use Guest Mode On Andriod

In guest mode, the user has the option of a screen pinning that only allows the user’s friends to access only one app at a time. Apart from this, the Guest Mode option also offers access to multiple apps as well, for example, they can click a selfie or post on different social media platforms.

The plus point about Guest Mode is that it only shows in default apps and it also lets other users install new mobile applications. But once Guest Mode is switched off, then all of the data will be retained. So, make sure to opt for Guest Mode the next time your friends or family borrow your Android smartphone.

How the Guest Mode works on Android:

Using the Guest Mode on your Android phone is simple as well as an interesting trick & hack to try in your spare time.

Step 1: Just swipe down the Status Bar and press the User icon.

Step 2: Directly switch to Guest Mode.

Step 3: A popup will emerge by asking if you want to start over with a new task or continue your previous activity.

Step 4: This is a display of what Guest Mode will appear like

2. How To Access Developer Options

In order to access the Developer Options on your mobile phone, the user may first need to unlock them. This is one of the Android hacks and tricks that are generally missed by a large number of Android smartphone users. Some of the advantages of using this best mobile hack tip are high performance, easy device configuration, etc.

Along with this the users also have the option to view their smartphone’s statistics where they can disable functions like bloatware as well.

How you can access the developer options in Android::

Step 1: First open the Settings section and then click on System. Some phones may not have this option so they can simply proceed from the second step.

Step 2: Now look for the About Phone option and click on it.

Step 3: Find the Build Number and tap on it exactly 7 times, no more no less.

Step 4: After my seventh click, you will be asked to key in your password. Then a notification will show up stating that I’m already a developer.

Step 5: Then go back to the System tab and you’ll now see the Developer Options section.

Step 6: At this point, you can tweak your smartphone as per your preferences.

3. How To Make Your Android Fingerprint Scanner Accurate

Every now and then, we face the issue of the fingerprint scanner is not working properly in Android smartphones. So this is a phone trick that you can use to make your Android fingerprint scanner more accurate. This Android tip can come in very handy for those who want to access their phone at the earliest.

Also, this is one of those little effective top mobile hacks which is only known by some of the known Android professionals. Basically, this trick & hack is not to enhance the physical fingerprint scanner, but it provides you with better guidance on how to make the scanner work more efficiently.

How you can make your Fingerprint Scanner more accurate on Android:

Step 1: Go to the Settings option and then choose the Security & Lock option.

Step 2: Then tap on the Fingerprint set up options.

Step 3: After entering your passcode in the popup, you can now access this tab. You can now add a new fingerprint to your Android phone.

Step 4: The main trick here is to register the same fingerprint multiple times in a slightly different position or angle.

Step 5: Also please note that a user can only add up to 5 different fingerprints.

After the application of this Android tip, you are likely to notice that your biometric scanner performs faster.

4.How To View Detailed Usage Of Battery

Issues with the battery life of an Android smartphone is one of the most talked things about Android smartphones. There’s no denying the fact that many Android phones have a problem with poor battery life. But you can always use one trick or another to solve your Android query.

In this case, Android users can get a deeper understanding of their day-to-day battery consumption, for instance, it may be about the additional apps that are acquiring the maximum amount of battery from the mobile device.

How you can view your detailed usage of battery in Android:

Step 1: Go to the Settings option.

Step 2: Then tap on the Battery section.

Step 3: After that click on the Usage Details option.

Step 4: Then the details of your battery consumption will be displayed.

5.How To View Detailed Mobile Data Usage

Now that we have discussed the part of viewing the detailed analysis of battery consumption of the device. It is time to move on towards the question of how you can view your details regarding mobile data usage on your Android phones.

This Android best mobile hack can act as a trick as well as one of the top mobile hacks for many users as it can motivate them to closely monitor their daily or even monthly mobile data usage while providing them with an opportunity to improve their final output regarding the same. These battery and data consuming apps can be easily eliminated from your smartphones.

How you can view your detailed mobile data usage on Android:

Step 1: The first step is to go to the Settings section.

Step 2: Then click on WiFi and Internet Option.

Step 3: After that, tap on the Data Usage feature.

Step 4: Then the details of your mobile usage will be displayed on the screen.

6. How To Type By Using Only Gestures

This is a fun and interesting Android hack which is again not known by a lot of people. With the help of this trick & hack, the user only needs to use gestures for typing purpose, you can even call it gesture typing. This trick can also act as a helpful tool in situations when you have to do modification in lengthy documents.

Using only gesture typing, Android users will only have to slide their fingers across the phone’s keyboard to construct a word.

How you can type by using only gestures on Android:

Step 1: Go to the Settings and then look for the option of System.

Step 2: Then select the Language & Input option.

Step 3: After that, start tapping on the Virtual Keyboard.

Step 4: You can use Gboard i.e. default keyboard app from Google by clicking on it.

Step 5: Now you are in the keyboard settings where you can select the option of Glide Typing.

Step 6: Choose your preferred options to enable and leave the ones that you don’t wish to use.

7. How To Bypass Android Security Safety

Let’s start by understanding the meaning of bypassing because in reality, it’s not what most of the users think it is. For instance, hackers try to bypass users’ personal space in order to steal valuable information and personal data. For this, you need to set up a trusted location where your Android phone won’t require you to enter your passcode, for example, in your own house.

How you can bypass your Android security safely:

Step 1: Start by going to Settings and then click on the Security & lock screen.

Step 2: Then tap on the Smart Lock feature where you will be asked to enter the smartphone’s PIN to continue.

Step 3: After that click on the Trusted Places option.

Step 4: Now add a trusted place for your Android smartphone.

Step 5: By using Google Maps to locate your finalized address and press Select this Location. So while you’re in that area, you won’t have to repeatedly unlock your mobile phone.

8. How To Vary Volumes For Different Apps

There is a large portion of people out there that needs an alarm to wake you up in the morning on a daily basis. And many of them have even tried to turn up the volume for the alarm app only without disturbing the volume levels of other mobile applications, for example, push notification, social media platforms etc.

It is one of the best Android phone tricks and hacks that allow users to customize the level of volumes of  Media, Ring and even Alarm. Such Android phone tricks and hacks can be further customized as per the preferences of the smartphone users.

How you can vary the volume for different apps:

Step 1: First, press the Volume button.

Step 2: The next step is to tap into the drop-down panel where you will see these three options that are Media, Ring and Alarm.

Step 3: Now you have the option to change the volume levels for different mobile apps.

9. How To Keep Your Phone Unlocked Just For You

As mentioned in the point above, we have stated about accessing the Smart Lock by adding it to the Trusted Places. In other words, you don’t have to enter your passcode or PIN repeatedly while you’re in the same area. This is the best mobile hack to unlock the Android phone while it’s on you. With the help of On-Body Detection Mode, the user needs to enter the PIN code once.

How you can keep your phone unlocked just for you:

Step 1: Start by going to Settings and then click on Security & lock screen.

Step 2: After that tap on the Smart Lock, here you need to enter your passcode in order to continue.

Step 3: Then choose the On-Body Detection option.

Step 4: Once that is done, enable the feature.

10. How To Type One-Handedly On Android Easily

Because nowadays the trend is all about the big-screened smartphones so some mobile app users find it difficult to type by using just one hand. And this is the main reason why this hacking trick for Android is important to know as many people opt for just one-handed usage for their smartphones including both iPhones and Android phones.

How you can type single-handedly on an Android device with ease:

Step 1: First open Gboard, also known as Google Keyboard.

Step 2: Then press and hold the Return key until a small hand icon appears and after that click the icon.

Step 3: You will now see the keyboard which will be squeezed to the right side of the screen.

Step 4: After that, you can bring the keyboard back to its original size by clicking on the full-screen or expanding button.

11. How To Limit Your Notifications In Android Smartphones

Sometimes, app users need to know some Android phone hacks that can help them in achieving some alone time. That’s the reason why these new hacking tricks are becoming so popular among Android smartphone users. Here’s an effective trick to limit the number of notifications you receive from different apps on a daily basis. This feature is also widely known as the DND i.e. Do Not Disturb feature.

How you can limit your notifications as per your requirements:

Step 1: Head over to the Settings part and then click on the Sound.

Step 2: Here, you will be able to see the volume preferences. Now, tap on Do Not Disturb Preferences.

Step 3: Then make changes in the DND Settings as to your preferences and after that click Priority Only Allows.

Step 4: Now, you can also opt for enabling or disabling of the notifications from these apps.

12. How To Automatically Open Your Favourite Apps

You might have heard about the app shortcuts as one of the top mobile hacks that are used by a large number of Android users. The main purpose of these shortcuts is to provide access to the users immediately. By default, the home screen has this function, which consists of options like phone calls, messages, browser icons, etc..

How you can automatically open your favorite apps:

Step 1: The initial steps include going to the Settings section and tapping on the Apps & Notifications option.

Step 2: Then click on Default Apps.

Step 3: The apps behind the icons on the home screen will be displayed. Now, select the app as per your preferences.

Step 4: Once you have finalized the apps, the selected changes will be implemented.

13. How To Unblock YouTube And Other Websites Using VPN

Here we will be discussing about another type of VPN i.e. TunnelBear VPN. This TunnelBear VPN can be named as one of the most popular VPN services for desktops and computers. And now it is available for Android smartphones.

With the help of this VPN, the user can surf anonymously on the web wherever you are. So in this way, you can access country-restricted sites such as YouTube, Google Play Music, Spotify etc..

How you can unblock YouTube and other websites with VPN:

Step 1: First download and install the TunnelBear VPN from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Then create an account with TunnelBear. After you register, you can just toggle the switch bar to turn the TunnelBear VPN on or off. You also have the option to change countries in the drop-down panel on the bottom side of the screen.

Step 3: During switching on the VPN, the names of the countries become visible and you can easily choose which one I would prefer to ‘go’ to virtually. For example, the website you want to visit is exclusive to the United States, then you will opt to ‘Tunnel to the United States.’

Step 4: Now when you are in the United States, you can open those sites and have the right to access them. You can also see the bears, tunnels, maps, and binary digits in this Android app itself.

14. How To Record Your Screen On Android Phone

There was a time when the Android smartphone users were not able to record their screens while using their mobile apps but now with the help of AZ screen recorder application they can record their Android screens. This Android app is packed with features like a countdown timer to let the user know when it starts recording your screen. Also, you have the option to trim and edit your video clips right after you finish the screen recording.

How you can record your screen on Android smartphone:

Step 1: Start by heading over to Google Play Store and download any screen recorder app for example AZ Screen Recorder.

Step 2: Then you click Open, to see an overlay with four buttons on the side of your screen.

Step 3: After that go to the app or navigate to the screen portion you want to record.

Step 4: Then click on the red video camera icon on the pop-up panel. Then your screen should start counting down from 3 to 1.

Step 5: Use your mobile phone as you normally do until you decide to pause or stop recording.

Step 6: When you’re done, pull down the notification bar and click Pause or Stop Option.

15. How To Use Launchers On Your Android Phone

The user interface of an Android phone can be considered as a major factor in determining if it will perform well or not. For example, the UI offered by Samsung is amazing and motivates consumers to buy their product, thus adding to their overall sales. Even though, if your smartphone is not that up to the mark then you can customize it through the use of launchers like Nova Launcher.

How you can use Launchers on your Android device:

Step 1: First go the Google Play Store and search for an app launcher, for example, Nova Launcher. Then download/install it on your mobile device.

Step 2: Once downloaded, go to your Android settings and tap on the Apps & Notifications option.

Step 3: Then select the Default Apps option.

Step 4: Click on the Home App option.

Step 5: Now, you should be able to see the default home app and the Nova Launcher on the choices. So choose Nova Launcher. And by the time you go back to the home screen, you will see that the Nova Launcher is enabled at this point, you can rearrange all of your apps as per your liking.

16. How to Use an Edge Display On Your Smartphone

A great example to consider for this is how the Edge Display feature of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge took the world by storm. And people can’t help but appreciate the edgy design, while there are some apps out there that have succeeded in making an app similar to its functionality. This mobile hacking trick features the Edge Color Notifications app that brings a Galaxy S6 Edge-like animations to any device with the feature to customize.

How you can use an Edge Display on your Android smartphone:

Step 1: First install the Edge Color Notifications app from Google Play Store.

Step 2: Then open the app and go to the Settings section. This is the part to do some personalization like change the edge color or edge width etc..

Step 3: After that press Preview Edge Animation. This option will give you an overview of how it will work on your Android phone when someone calls you.

Apart from this, you can also give your Android mobile phone a new look by changing its theme, there are various Android themes that you can use.

17. How To Know The Number Of Devices Connected to a Wi-FI Network

First thing first, do you have Wi-Fi at home? Then you must wonder why your Internet bill is too high and if any devices are connected to your home network or not? Then the best option here is to check what devices are connected to your network and how you can remove them from your network or stop them from using your Wi-Fi services.

How you can find the number of devices connected to a Wi-Fi network:

Step 1: Start by searching for the Fing Network Toolsat the Google Play Store and then install it on your device.

Step 2: Then open the app and click on the Devices tab to see which devices and computers are connected to your home network.

Step 3: From here you can also remove unwanted devices from our Wi-Fi home network by long-pressing it and clicking Delete.

18. How To Never Lose Your Important Files

One of the best phone hacking tricks that you can learn is to find an effective way to never lose any of your crucial data or important files. Because today, our smartphones have turned into an integral part of our day-to-day lifestyle and consists of personal as well as professional valuable information. That’s why you need to activate your Android backup system for your phone.

How you can never lose your important files again on Android devices:  

Step 1: The initial step is to go to the Settings option and then tap on the System option.

Step 2: After that look for Backup.

Step 3: Then make sure to connect your Google account to the backup feature.

Step 4: The next step is to click on the Backup option where you should see the cloud load to backup your data.

19. How To Zoom In One-Handedly On Google Maps In Android

As we have already discussed in one of the points discussed above, people love to operate their smartphones single-handle and that’s the reason why people also search for hacking tools for iPhone and other platforms. A great example of this is the feature of zooming in and out with just one hand, but it will require two fingers to pinch on the screen or it can also be done by tapping on the screen.

How you can zoom in single-Handedly on Google Maps using Android:

Step 1: First open Google Maps on your device.

Step 2: Then double-tap on the screen and hold onto it.

Step 3: After that move your finger up to zoom out and down to zoom in respectively.

20. How To Unlock Lock Screen On Android

Have you locked yourself out of your Android screen? While there are many Android hacks such as through the factory reset or other tools in a PC, this special little trick & hack is one of the best android hacks for Android 5 Lollipop that uses Android’s own security bug to unlock your locked Android screen.

Steps to follow:

  • Firstly, ring your emergency dial as many times as you can, until you reach the maximum limit.
  • Copy all the digits you fed into the emergency dialer.
  • Open your Android camera which you can access even with a locked android screen.
  • Drag the screen downwards and you’ll be asked for a password.
  • Paste the digits you have copied from your Android’s Emergency Dialer.
  • Repeat it while pressing the volume keys of your Android device.
  • Do this until the camera app of your Android device is crashed.
  • This will bring you to the main menu with an unlocked Android screen.

21. How To Install Kali Linux In Your Android For Pentesting

The Kali Linux is a widely known OS that is used for the purpose of testing and also is considered to be the best for creating a dummy environment where one can test the different types of hacking attacks. And this operating system (OS) can now be installed on your android device as well.

Steps to follow for this mobile hacking trick:

  • First, you need to download and install the Linux Deploy App on your Android from the Google Play Store.
  • After downloading and installing it, launch the app on your device and then tap on the download button.
  • Then tap on the distribution option and change it to Kali Linux instead of Linux.
  • Now scroll up and click on the Install button at the top.
  • Wait for the downloading to complete the time taken may vary on your Internet speed
  • Next, you need to download and install the VNC Viewer App in your Android from the App Store
  • Launch the app and fill in all the settings and other requirements.
  • Now click on the Connect button on the screen.
  • That’s it, now you can try your hands on Kali Linux after its installation in your android smartphone and enjoy the dummy hacking environment.

22. How To Send Encrypted Email On Android Smartphone

We all know that messages on WhatsApp are encrypted, but did you know that your emails and all the confidential information in them can also be password protected?

Steps for encrypting your emails with one of the best android hacks:

  • Start by downloading the GPG Tools installer for your operating system and install the program on your device.
  • Once you’ve installed the above software, open your email client on your desktop.
  • Here, you will find the menu option named ‘OpenPGP’ added to your email client.
  • Open this menu and click on the Key Management option. This will bring you to a new window with the option of Generate Button.
  • Clicking on this will give you the option to create a New Keypair.
  • The Generate OpenPGP Key Window lets you extract the key pair for your particular email address by filling it up.
  • Create the desired password that will encrypt your email and hit the Generate Key button.
  • A right-click on the Key Management option helps you save the keys through “Export Keys to File.” Use this option to export your security keys.
  • The next step is to configure an email client. Once you open the email, click on the OpenPGP menu. Select the Sign Message and Encrypt Message options.
  • In order to successfully encrypt the messages, you must select both of these options. Now all that’s is to write a message and send it.

Note: The receiver of this encrypted email can only open the same, only when he/she has the password to be encrypted. So make sure you hand them the password through a phone call or over a cup of coffee.

23. How To Add Recycle Bin Feature On Android

Have you ever wished for a recycle bin for your Android smartphone, so you could restore the files that you once deleted accidentally? Guess what? You don’t need a secret Santa for this to happen, but a tiny little Android hack- an app that can help you find what was lost.

The Android app called Dumpster not only restores your deleted files but also protects your privacy with a special lock screen and access restriction. Not sure which files to recover? This best mobile hack  for Android even comes with preview features that let its users’ preview deleted photos, videos, and audio files before recovering.

Besides restoring deleted pictures, music files, videos, and almost all file types which also include pdf, mp3, doc, Avi, mp4, jpg, png, rar, ogg, txt etc. this Android app Dumpster even allows you to recover uninstalled apps.

The user can even schedule an auto-clean of old deleted items and, as for deleting files, simply send them to Dumpsters using “share” or “send to” from any file manager or gallery app on your phone. The best part of this app is that it even works while in offline mode. Now, save your favorite picture with this Android hack.

24. How To Record Slow Motion Videos On Android Phone

The ability to record slow-motion videos is one of the most popular Android hacks and tricks that a majority of mobile app users want to try. But even though this phone trick is quite common there are a lot of Android users who are not able to know the mobile trick behind it.

Recording a slow-motion video is something that can be done on any Android smartphone but it may require some extra assistance that means the use of additional tools, software or even mobile apps. Because of the fact that slo-mo videos are an emerging trend, there are a number of applications that you can use to get your perfect shot.

25. How To Hack Any Game On Your Android Smartphone

Needless to say, we all gaming apps on our smartphones and if there are cheat codes, we love it. For example, follow the instructions on how to download the William Hill mobile app and install to experience, but if you also get the cheat keys to get an extra edge over others, wouldn’t it be great?

With this best android hack, you can get unlimited resources and life for Android games available at Google Play Store. To do this, you must have a rooted Android device. Next, you need to download the GameCIH App grant access to superuser.

Coming to the Home Screen of the Android App, you will find Hot-Key options, select whichever seems most compatible with your Android smartphone.  With the app installed, once you open any game, you will find the hotkeys displayed in it. The hotkeys help you change the values of a particular resource including lives. Type your desired value and select “Done.”

With this Android hack, you can enjoy unlimited resources by altering the value of coins, lives, money, weapons power, and lots more in any of your favorite Android games.

26. How To Hack Wifi Password On Your Android Device Without Rooting

Have you wasted hours on YouTube videos that claim they can teach you how to hack the Wifi Password, yet all you hacked was a disappointment? Well, guess what? The answer lies in your very own Android smartphone that with this little Android hack enables you to hack any Wifi password.

All you need is one Android app that uses the pin injection method which will help you to hack wifi password from any Android device. Yes! On both rooted and unrooted devices.

Steps to follow:

  • Start by downloading and installing this application WIFI WPS WPA TESTER on your android device. Once you launch the app, it will start scanning all the wifi networks around you.
  • Each network will have colored rock on its right, if it’s green, the network is hackable, if red, the network can’t be infiltrated.
  • Choose any of the green ones and you will find an info popup that appears on the screen.
  • Select the “Connect” option in the popup which will take you to another popup with two options- No Root and Root.
  • Once you select No Root option, you will be taken to another popup with a list of wifi password keys, choose one of them and select Connect(root) option.
  • If the key works, you will see the decoded password that you need to feed on the network, and if it doesn’t, try other pins. Good luck!

27. How To Make Calls And Send Texts From Your Smartphone Without Cell Service

Yes, you heard that right! With this Android hack, you can make calls or send texts from your Smartphone without having any cell service. As an Android user, you get certain benefits of Google services that enable this service.


Once you’ve downloaded all these Google services, start the process by setting up a  Google Voice Account. Next, open Google Hangouts App and tap on its start-up menu that’s available on the left side of the app. While iOS users have to head to their Phone Number section of settings.

Android users can simply browse their Google settings to access the Google Voice section. Turn on the toggle for both the Incoming Phone Calls option and Messages option.

By doing so, you will get access to making phone calls or sending text messages from Google Hangouts App. Now all that’s left is to go back to the main settings page and click the Answer on the Lock Screen toggle to enable the former functions of the app even in lock screen mode. This enables you to access calling and messaging services with internet and eliminates the requirement of any cell service.

28. How To Remotely Shutdown PC From Anywhere With Smartphones

Your Android smartphone is capable of doing much more than you could possibly imagine. One of the many tips and tricks for Android is to remotely shut down the PC from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection which enables you to send a shutdown request from your Android smartphone to your PC.

Steps to follow:

  • Start the process by downloading and installing the program Airytec switch off. Once that’s done, you will find a shutdown icon in the system tray. Click on the icon and you can customize the settings according to your needs.
  • Enable Force Shutdown settings. A click on the shutdown icon will bring you to settings that enable you to access remote sections.
  • Inside that, you can click on Edit Web Interface Settings. In these settings, enable the Web interface and leave the Authentication unchecked, followed by a click on the apply button.
  • Next, browse the updated static addresses and copy the Shutdown URL. For an easy interface, you can even bookmark this URL. Now double click on the shutdown icon in the system tray and enable task.
  • Then open the URL on your mobile and you will see the interface as displayed above. Needless to say, once you click on the “Shutdown” option, your PC will shut down.

29. How To Turn Your Android Devices Into a Security Camera

At some point or another, we all wanted to be real-life James Bond and solve a mystery by checking those CCTV footages from the FBI and CIA databases. Sounds cool? While footage from FBI may not be accessible at the moment, but one of the best android hacks like this can help you record any event by turning your Android smartphone into a surveillance camera.

Start by installing the IP Webcam app from the Google Play Store. The Android app adopts a freemium model, so while you can download it for free, to access its premium features, you have to pay $3.99. The app allows you to access your camera on any platform with a VLC player or Web browser and stream videos inside the WiFi network without Internet access.

Once you launch the app and browse its settings, you can select video preferences, effects and other aspects of the footage that you wish to see later on. In order to broadcast this footage, simply log in and register to the Ivideon. Start snooping around by clicking on the Start Server button placed at the end of the app.

To stream the footage anywhere, simply enter the IP address that you will get on your Android device and paste it into the address bar of the Web browser of any desired device. The only limitation of using a phone as a security camera is the quick drainage of the battery from your smartphone.

Now we will be covering some of the most common and quickest phone hacking tips for Android that we can try out with minimum effort.

30. How To Connect Your Android Smartphone To Your TV

This is one of the simplest hacking tips and tricks for Android that is not known by many users. There are a number of Android phones and other devices that come with micro HDMI ports which the user can connect their phone and LED TV. This procedure will also require using a micro HDMI to HDMI cable. So this way, users will be able to enjoy their favorite games and HD videos on a much bigger screen i.e. TV screens.

There are some smartphones that don’t have the option of micro HDMI port but are still many of them that do support MHL adapters which can be used for this Android trick as well.

31. How To Customize LED Lights On Your Android Device/Phone

In order to customize the LED lights on your Android device or smartphone, you can opt for directly installing an app that is known as Light Manager. This is an awesome mobile application for Android devices that allows the user to customize their notification LED light on the mobile devices.

Here, Android users can customize features like LED color, duration, flash rate and much more. The users have the option to choose between the free version and the paid version ($2.49) of the application.

32. How To Remove App Notifications From Your Android

Sometimes getting constant mobile app notifications can be frustrating and irritating for the user. So in order to save yourself from all that extra trouble, you can turn yourself into an app hacker by limiting notifications from different third-party apps. This issue is mainly faced with mobile apps that you don’t use on a regular basis.

To disable these app notifications, go to Applications or Apps option in the Settings app, then tap on the app’s name whose notifications are bothering you and untick the ones that show notification options.

33. How To Improve Graphics in Games On Android

This is one of those hacking tips and tricks for Android that is mainly asked by gaming enthusiasts. With the help of this Android hack, the mobile app gamers can easily improve their gaming graphics. This can be done along with GLTools mobile application which is basically a graphics optimizer for Android game apps.

While using this Android app, there may be some requirements for root permissions to increase the speed as well as the gaming performance on your smartphone. The users also have the option to tune in their graphics to get for better visuals and improved dynamic range in mobile games.

This was our take on various Android hacking tricks and tips and apart from this, there are many iPhone hacking apps that specialize in the iOS platform. If you are interested in hacking software then make sure to have a look at ‘List Of The Top Hacking Software For The Users’ that is one of our previous articles.

Final Thoughts

Android smartphones and devices provide their users with a ton of interesting features which makes it quite easy for its users to conduct new phone hacks and tricks with the help of software and other Android applications. Many users even claim that all hacking tricks are easier to perform on Android in comparison to iOS devices or iPhones.

So these were some of the simplest and easiest mobile hacking tricks and tips for Android phones. And if you like this then you will surely enjoy reading our other article based on iPhone hacking tool i.e. ’10 Best iPhone Hacking Apps And Tools Of 2018′. We hope that with the help of this article we will deliver you with some valuable insights regarding android tricks and hacking tips for mobile devices and smartphones.

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