Festive Riddles Quiz Answers

Amazon Festive Riddles Quiz Answers Solve & Win – All Answers

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How To Play Amazon Quiz

  • Sign in to the Amazon App. In case you are not signed in, you will be directed to a sign in Amazon Page
  • Go To Search Box Enter Quiz Time Amazon then Select Quiz Time
  • There will be a total of 5 questions
  • Answer all the questions correctly and because enter the lucky draw.

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Amazon Festive Riddles Quiz Answers –  Win Rs.50000


Q1 – Scratch My Head, See Me Turn From Black To Red. What Am I?

Ans – A Match Stick

Q2 – Round And Round, Never Off The Ground. What Am I?

Ans – Chakri/ Chakra/Zamin Chakkar

Q3 – I Can Be Cracked, Made, Told, And Played. What Am I?

Ans – A Joke

Q4 – I Go Up, I Go Down. Towards The Sky & The Ground. What Am I?

Ans – Rocket Firecracker

Q5 – Light Me Up For A Sprinkle Of Gold. What Am I?

Ans – Flower Pot (Anaar)


Amazon Festive Riddles Quiz Answers –  Win Sony 5.1 Home Theater System

Q1 – To Throw Me, You’d Prefer A Crowd. What Am I?

Ans – A Diwali Party

Q2 – I Turn Everything But I Do Not Move. What Am I?

Ans – Mirror

Q3 – I Am A Kind Of Coat That Can Only Be Put On When Wet. What Am I?

Ans – Paint

Q4 – I Can Be Draped In Over 80 Styles Including Nivi, Gujrati And Maharashtrian. What Am I?

Ans – A Saree

Q5 – Whoever Makes It, Tells It Not; Whoever Takes It, Knows It Not; And Whoever Knows It, Wants It Not.

Ans – Fake Currency


Amazon Festive Riddles Quiz Answers –  Win 24K Gold Bar

Q1 – What Gets Wetter As It Dries?

Ans – A Towel

Q2 – A Box Of Diamonds That Most Love To Eat. What Am I?

Ans – Sugar

Q3 – What Begins With T Ends With T And Has T In It?

Ans – A Tea Pot

Q4 – What Has A Face And Two Hands But No Arms Or Legs?

Ans – A Clock

Q5 – I Have Hearts But No Other Organs. What Am I?

Ans – A Deck Of Cards

Q6 – A Carpet Of Rice, Flour, Sand Or Petals. What Am I?

Ans – Rangoli


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Q1 – I Eat, I Live. I Breathe, I Live. I Drink. What Am I?

Ans – Fire

Q2 – I Am Tall When Young And Short When I Am Old. What Am I?

Ans – A Candle

Q3 – I Weigh Nothing, But You Can Still See Me. If You Put Me In A Bucket, I Make The Bucket Lighter. What Am I?

Ans – A Hole

Q4 – I Have Notes That Are ‘Top’, ‘Heart’ And ‘Base’. What Am I?

Ans – A Perfume

Q5 – I Am Black When You Buy Me, Red When You Use Me And Gray When You Throw Me Away. What Am I?

Ans – Charcoal


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