Money Debited From My Bank Account Without My Permission – How to Get it back?

If you ever had to go through such situation when you have Unauthorised transaction on your Debit Card. This means someone has stolen your card or it was skimmed by someone.

When you see such unauthorised transactions on your card, you should quickly follow these steps.

Some years back same thing was happened with me and i was lucky that i recovered my whole money.

I will tell you exactly what happened and what actions I had taken to get my money back.

The whole situation:

I have an account with HDFC Bank and a debit card associated with it. I rarely used that card online and the sim card on which OTP comes is also in a simple nokia non smartphone.

Suddenly i got messages about successful transactions of different amounts:

8790₹, 22,000Rs., 48KWD (Kuwait Currency), 89KWD etc.

Out of these only one transaction got successful of 8790₹ and rest were failed.

How These Transactions done without OTP?
International cards are allowed to do transaction with just Card Number, Expiry Date, CVV number. And they don’t require OTP. The transaction done on my card were on international websites (I remember one name: ROMEWE.COM)

Steps I followed immediately after seeing the unauthorised transaction messages:

Part 1: Get your card blocked

First quickly got my card blocked: Whenever any incident like this happens your very first action is get your card blocked. So that you can be safe from more transactions. You can do this by calling your bank customer care number or using NetBanking also.

Some popular bank’s customer care numbers are as below:

  • SBI: 1800 11 2211 (toll-free), 1800 425 3800 (toll-free) or 080-26599990
  • HDFC Bank: Click here
  • ICICI Bank; 1860 120 7777 | Alternative numbers
  • AXIS Bank: +91-1860-419-5555
  • PNB: +91-1800-180-2222
  • Bank of Baroda: +91-1800-102-4455

Part 2: How to Get Lost Money back due to these unauthorised transactions:

  1. File FIR in local police station or cyber cell and collect receipt (tell them that bank needs receipt for thier process as they don’t give it easily)
  2. Then go to your branch and File Unauthorised Transaction Dispute Form with Bank.

🔥Bonus Tip: Steps to Get Your Money Back by Yourself:

Note: This method will work in 90% cases and this invented with my personal experience.

First, read the transactions messages carefully. You will find something like amount spend on some website name or any merchant name.

In my case it was which is an fashion website.

Once you find the name of merchant where your transaction was done. Just google the name and get their contact details.

To speed up the process you can mail them, send messages on all their social media pages, give a call if it’s Indian number. And tell them in detail that this transaction at this time was done without my permission (give Exact Time & details like amount etc.).

They may ask you to prove your identity, last 4 digit picture of your card, copy of FIR etc. You can provide them all these and inform them to reverse the transaction. Also you can request them to provide details of billing address & Delivery address so you can find who done this.

If they reverse the transaction. You will get your money back very fastly. Else bank dispute system will take long time and there are very less chances that you will get it back.

If you got the details of the person who did this, you can provide this to the police in written. Also file a RTI after some days to know status of your police complaint (Else they won’t do anything)

This is all i did to get my money back. I wish you luck that you also get your hard earned money.

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